Costa Rica Tree Climbing PE 1658



Monday      11/07/16  5:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday     11/12/16  10:00am to 5:00pm
Tue-Fri      1/3/17-1/12/17 noon to noon


Students: $2,100
Nonstudent: $2,625
CU Faculty/Staff: $2,310

Drop Deadline: 11/1/16


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Big tropical trees. Howler Monkeys. Exotic bryophytes.  The rainforest canopy is home to many arboreal animals: rare frogs, toucans, monkeys, orchids and this January, to Cornell students!   If you're itching for a new cultural experience and excited to explore the canopy first hand, this is it. 

The tropical rainforest is the source of the richest biodiversity in the world. Yet even after great public alarm and dismay over the loss of tropical forest, only minor attempts have been made to plant native trees and develop sustainable forestry systems in the tropics.  Come visit the rainforest up close and personal, and draw your own conclusions about the preciousness of the rainforest and best means to sustain it.

We will spend ten days in Costa Rica, traveling to the Rio Guabo valley to explore the canopy of a lowland tropical rainforest. You will learn how to use ropes and technical gear to get into the canopy of any tree, to move around, even to climb from one tree to another, 100 feet in the air, without coming back to the ground.

We will also learn some local ecology and experience the culture of a Spanish-speaking rural community. We will stay in a tiny village and eat the typical cuisine prepared by local people.   All equipment is included in the course fee. No climbing experience necessary. Students must provide their own transportation to and from San Jose, Costa Rica.  Students should arrive before noon on January 3rd (SJO) and leave after noon on January 12th (from SJO).

DO NOT PURCHASE FLIGHTS UNTIL YOU WE SEND YOU CONFIRMATION THAT THE COURSE WILL RUN. For more information contact Mark Holton at or 607-254-2798.