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You can add any COE course right up to the start date! The COE PE Spring 2015 Drop Deadline is Friday, January 23, 2015

COE course drop deadline is different from the PE department course deadline, please make a note of it. You may add a COE PE course at any time up to the start date of the course, and we have many courses that enroll well into the semester; but the drop period for all COE courses ends Friday, January 23, 2015.


Local, Adks ,Winter, Southwest, ...
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Friday, Saturday, break trips, ...
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Break Trips

Dog sledding, Utah, Costa Rica, 'Gunks, 'Dacks, ...
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Climbing:  Rock, Ice and Tree

Basic rock, high adventure, tree, ...
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Emergency Care

WFA, wilderness first responder, ...
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Snowshoeing, trail running ...
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Climbing, ropes course ...
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Outdoor Leadership

Intro, Break trips, 'Dacks, ...
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Kayaking, canoeing, touring, ...
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Cross country, telemark, ...
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Cornell Team & Leadership Center

High & low ropes training, high adventure ...
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Intro to caving, caving seminar, ...
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Adult Programs

MBTI, Shoals Marine Laboratory, ...
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Summer Programs

Kayaking, rock climbing, ...
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Free Courses

Courses vary each semester ...
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