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How to Register:

It’s never too late to register! You can sign up until the day the course starts by doing any of the following:


You can call us at the COE office at (607) 255-6183. See the office hours for times you can call.  If you get the answering machine, leave your name, the course you are interested in, and your phone number.  If you want to enroll as rapidly as possible, also your mailing address, e-mail Address,and how you'd like to pay.


You can e-mail us at, and if paying by credit card or bursar, enroll that way. To ensure the quickest enrollment, please provide the following: The Course you are interested in, Your name, Phone number, Mailing Address, E-mail Address,and how you'd like to pay. We will contact you for payment information. Please, do not email bursar or credit card information to us!  Please note that some classes may be full so you are not officially registered until you receive confirmation from us. If the class is full we will be happy to put you on the wait list.

In person:

You can sign up for a course in person, by visiting the COE office: Phillips Outdoor Program Center, Lower Level, Bartels Hall, Campus Road. Not sure where to find us? Here's our address.

Student Center:

During the pre-enrollment period, please sign up using Student Center if you are a Cornell student. If you are not a Cornell student, please sign up by calling the COE office at (607) 255-6183.


Who Can Register?

Everyone! Cornell Outdoor Education serves both the Cornell Community as well as community members.  Students can sign up online during pre-enrollment as well as open enrollment or contact the office either by email or call 255-6183.  Staff, faculty and community members should please call the office or email to enroll.


Course Fee


The course fee generally includes group or activity specific gear, food, transportation, lodging, and instruction. Detailed equipment lists available online. All COE courses are open to the public.


Course Drops


The full course fee will be charged to students dropping a COE course after the drop deadline. All drop deadlines precede the first class session. You must contact the COE office directly to drop a course, you cannot drop on-line. For more information, see the policies page


Drop deadline


The drop deadline changes from semester to semester.  See PE course listings for the current information.  Questions about a particular course should be directed to the course coordinator listed on the course page. For help with your enrollment, or any questions, please contact the COE office.