Gear Sale FAQ


1. How do I sell my gear at the Gear Sale?

Bring your items to the COE Outfitting counter during open hours (4-7PM) from Monday November 27 through Friday December 1. To save time, you can electronically fill out the .pdf form.  Open the form in a .pdf reader (not in a browser window), fill in the information on the left (record) side on your computer and it will automatically fill in the right (tag) side. Print the sheet(s), but do not cut off the tags, and bring them with your items to COE. Please leave the Inventory # box blank; Outfitting staff will fill this out when you bring in your items. If you are unable to do this, we are able to print tags at the Outfitting counter. You will also have to sign a Consigner’s waiver upon dropping off your items.

NOTE: Due to a new interpretation of the accounting rules at the University, some details of the procedure for consigning gear have changed.  1) All consigners will be required to complete an IRS form W-9.  This form requires your social security number, which will be kept in a secure location.  2) Unsold gear must still be picked up during the specified time period,.  Payments will be mailed by Cornell University directly to the address on your W-9.

2. What’s the consignment fee? What’s the deal with sales tax?

The consignment fee is 20%, and NY state sales tax is 8%, i.e. an item priced at $100 dollars will sell for $108, $8 of which goes to New York State, $20 of which goes to COE, and $80 of which goes back to the seller.

3.What kind of gear do you accept? Do you accept clothing?

We accept any equipment used for climbing, canoeing, kayaking, cross country and telemark skiing, snowshoeing, camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding, etc. We are generally not looking for equipment related to team sports, racket sports, etc.

Yes, we accept clothing; we consider technical outdoor clothing to be gear. Anything that would be appropriate to wear for outdoor sports is welcome.

4. Will you have [fill in the blank] for sale?

We understand that you may be looking for a particular item, but a large proportion of the items for sale come from the public, and many of them arrive the night before the sale itself, so it is logistically impossible to catalogue and make public what will be available. Additionally, the idea of the Gear Sale is to participate in the community event and see what serendipitous finds may be. Generally speaking, however, we typically have items for climbing, canoeing, kayaking, cross country and telemark skiing, snowshoeing, camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding, etc.

5. What price should I charge for the item I am trying to sell?

A rough rule of thumb is half of the full retail price if the item is in perfect condition. Scale down from there as appropriate. Haggling at the checkout line of the Gear Sale is not an option, so the lower the price of an item, the more likely that it will sell! Please also remember that the consignment fee will be subtracted from the price of the item if it sells, so you will receive back 80% of the price you set.

6. What if my gear doesn’t sell, and how do I get the money for the gear that was sold?

After the sale, we take one week to do the accounting. Unsold gear can then be picked up at the COE Outfitting counter during Outfitting open hours from Saturday December 9th to Friday, December 15th. Items and/or money not picked up by the 15th will be considered donated to COE. We much prefer to reunite you with your items, but it is logistically impossible to track everyone down, so we must rely on you to come in during this time period.  Checks will be mailed to those who sold items.

7. Is there a limit to the number of items I can sell?

Yes; there is a limit of 30 items per seller. There is no limit on number of items purchased at the sale.

8. Do you take large items, like canoes and kayaks?

Yes, but you must bring them to COE on the final Friday of the drop-off period between 4PM and 7PM. We can only store these in the Ramin Room Friday night.

        9. What forms of payment do you take?

Cash (preferred), Visa, MasterCard.