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Dear climbers,

This letter is written in response to questions about Cornell Outdoor Education’s policies concerning persons unaffiliated with the university who wish to climb as “guests” or gain independent access to the Lindseth and Kay 2 Climbing Walls.

The Lindseth and Kay 2 Climbing Walls are Cornell University facilities—not public climbing gyms. As such, Cornell University had chosen to limit potential liability to members of the Cornell Community and their “guests” during open wall use hours. This policy is consistent with the use of other athletic facilities on campus. Cornell Community members include students, alumni, employees, and their immediate family members. User fees are charges only to cover direct operating costs and to maintain a break even budget. Our primary mission is to serve the Cornell Community for the purpose of education, recreation, and personal development.

The Cornell University guest policy allows friends of Cornell Community members to utilize the wall when accompanied by a sponsor (eligible sponsors outlined above). This policy is intended primarily for friends visiting for short periods of times. Under this policy, an individual affiliated with Cornell may bring two (and only two) unaffiliated persons to climb as their guests.

To become eligible to use the climbing wall on your own during open hours you may become “affiliated” by completing any COE climbing course or private lesson. To sign up for a lesson, contact our Climbing Programs Coordinator at 254-1357.

If you can provide proof of insurance in the amount of three million dollars per incident you may also gain access to the Lindseth Wall during open hours.

Our employees will help you get on the wall through one of the avenues listed above if possible, however, please realize that they must enforce these policies as written. Please keep in mind that our employees are not responsible for this litigious society, not did they write the University’s policies. I appreciate your willingness to understand and abide by these policies and thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any further question or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 254-8255. I hope that you will have an opportunity to enjoy Cornell’s Lindseth Climbing Wall. My best wishes.

Josh Bochniak
Climbing Programs Coordinator
Phone: (607) 254-8255