Spring 2018 Classes

Sign up now for Spring 2018 PE courses!  All COE classes are open to the public.  Most classes don't require any previous expereince.  Please review our enrollment and fee policies .  You can click on the courses below for dates, times, and fees. To sign up call our registrar at (607) 255-6183 or email coed@cornell.edu, or find us on student center during the enrollment period.   The drop deadline for all COE PE courses is Wednesday, January 24, 2018. 






Backcountry Cooking 

PE 1601

Start Date - Wed Apr 11   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Ever wanted to learn how to make true gourmet food in the field?  This class will introduce students to gourmet skills that can be used in the backcountry including dutch ovens and twiggy fires.

Backcountry Photography 

PE 1607

Start Date - Wed Apr 11   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
This class combines photography skills, appreciation for nature, and a weekend backpacking class.
Enjoy the beautiful sights in and around the Fingerlakes as you and your fellow students learn about some basic nature photography techniques, such as the rule of thirds, and how to maximize your use of exposure to get the shots you want.  No prior experience is necessary, but you will need a camera.
Fall semester class may go to the Adirondacks to catch the colors as we transition from summer to fall.

Backpacking in the Finger Lakes

PE 1610


Start Dates: Section 1 - Wed Mar 7, Section 2 - Wed Apr 11, Section 3 - Wed Apr 11  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Backpacking in the finger lakes will provide you with a basic introduction to backpacking including such topics as pack selection and fitting, campsite selection, route planning and navigation, as well as giving you an opportunity to get off campus and explore some of the beautiful natural scenery around Ithaca.

Intro to Winter Camping

PE 1616

Start Date - Wed Feb 7   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Learn the essentials of traveling and camping in the winter. Build a snow shelter, travel on snowshoes, melt snow for water, and learn to sleep toasty warm. Winter camping opens up whole new horizons for exploration, without the bugs, crowds or mud.

Wilderness Survival Skills

PE 1613

Start Date - Wed Apr 11   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Learn what you can do, should you become lost or stranded in the backcountry. This course covers general backcountry safety, and wilderness survival skills.



Bike Touring

PE 1666

Start Date - Thu Apr 12   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Take your bicycle riding to the next level and come learn the ins and outs of bike touring! The course will take you on weekly rides to develop your knowledge of bike safety, road riding and route planning and will culminate in an overnight trip.

Mountain Biking

PE 1664

Start Dates:  FR - Mon Apr 3, SA - Tue Apr 4, SU - Wed Apr 5   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Cruise along double and single track trails, grind up hills, splash through creek crossing, pause at scenic vistas and explore the local trails in style. Along the way we'll cover essential cycling skills for clearing logs, navigating downhill terrain, climbing hills and getting the most out of your mountain bike.




PE 1630

Start Dates: Section 1 - Sun Apr 29   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Join us for a weekend of exploring undeveloped "wild" caves.  Learn about cave geology, maps, equipment, and environmental concerns.  All gear included.




PE 1340

Start Dates: Section 1 - Jan 30, Section 2 - Jan 30   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)

The class focuses on teaching 3 ball juggling patterns as well as introducing a wide variety of other props which may include: rings, clubs, diabolo, flower sticks, poi, and spinning plates. Advanced students will also be able to learn club passing, 4 and 5 balls and advanced tricks. Instruction will be given both as a group and on an individual basis. 

Intro to Circus Arts

PE 1615

Start Dates: Feb 9   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
The circus arts are an exciting hybrid of art and sport. In this class you'll dive deep into the basics of a multitude of circus disciplines, including aerial apparatus (aerial fabric, lyra, and trapeze) partner acrobatics, handstands, juggling, and tight wire. 



Day Hiking

PE 1605

Start Dates: FR - Fri Apr 13, SA - Sat Apr 14   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Day hiking classes provide students with an opportunity to get off campus and explore some of the beautiful natural areas around Ithaca.  Learn some basic navigation and hiking skills while you make new friends.


PE 1609

Start Date - Sun Mar 18 (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)

This class will introduce students to Geocaching, no expereince is necessary.  Students should come to class prepared to be outside for the entire class length.

Outdoor Adventure

PE 1604

Start Date - Wed Apr 11   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Having trouble deciding what outdoor class to try?  Outdoor Adventure does a little of it all!  Classes will spend a day canoeing, a day rockclimbing, a day hiking trip, and then tops it all off overnight backpacking trip.  No experience is necessary.

Outdoor Birding Basics

PE 1606

Start Date - Thur Mar 22 (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Outdoor Birding basics is an introductory birding class offered by COE and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  No experience is necessarry, come enjoy the spring migration of birds that pass through central NY.

Snowshoeing & Winter Travel

PE 1603

Start Dates: FR - Wed Jan 24, SA - Wed Jan 24  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Snowshoeing and winter travel, depending on the current weather conditions this class will explore snowshoeing or winter hiking. Be prepared for beautiful winter scenery and cold temperatures. Hope for snow!

Trail Running

PE 1608

Start Dates: Section 1 - Fri Mar 9, Section 2 - Tue Apr 10, Section 3 - Wed Apr 11  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
This class will get you out on the spectacular local trails, provide training tips, teach you how to navigate in the woods, and run you over hill and dale, through forests, fields, and mudpits.



Outdoor Tai Chi

PE 1700

Start Date - Tue Mar 20   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Enjoy the outdoors?  Interested in learning Tai Chi?  This class, an introduction to Tai chi will combine both of these elements.  The class will occur on locations in and around campus, transportation is provided with the class.  No previous experience necessary.

Outdoor Yoga

PE 1702

Start Date - Mon Mar 19   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Enjoy the outdoors?  Interested in Yoga?  this class an introduction to Yoga combines Yoga and the Outdoors.  Classes will be held at various locations on and off campus, transportation is provided with the class.  No previous experience necessary.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

PE 1676

Start Date - Tue Feb 6   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Yoga balancing on a paddleboard? Yes! Come learn to float and flow in this all-levels stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga class! Each class session will include a complete Vinyasa (flow) yoga class “on board” followed by a pose-of-the-day sequence breakdown and ending with a floating meditation.



Intro to Sea Kayaking

PE 1674

Start Date - Tue Apr 24   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Learn the basics to get you started with sea kayaking out on the lake. This class will cover information about equipment, loading, launching & landing your kayak, exiting and re-entering your kayak in open water, and basic paddling stroke technique. Class meets at the Helen Newman Pool for the evening classes and will paddle on local lakes for the day trips. No previous paddling experience necessary.

Pool Paddling

PE 1680


Start Date - Thu Feb 8   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Learn the fundamentals of kayaking in the controlled environment of the pool. This class will give you a solid progression of skills that will be easily transferable to an open water or river experience.  Learn and practice a wide range of skills in whitewater kayaks including fundamental paddling strokes, bracing, rolling and boat handling skills like edging and carving. Paddling games, a slalom gate course, and focused exercises will provide a fun and interactive group learning experience.

Recreational Canoeing

PE 1671

Start Date - Wed Apr 25  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of canoeing in a relaxed environment. Enjoy being outside for class as you explore Beebe Lake and other Finger Lakes area waterways. Meet new friends, learn new skills, and experience nature all while you keep active.

Stand Up Paddle boarding

PE 1675

Start Date - Wed Apr 18  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Try paddling standing up. We are excited to show you how much fun you can have on stand up paddleboards.  Experience Cayuga Lake from a new vantage point.  Stay active and engage your whole body. Learn something fun in a small group setting. Our instructors will teach you all the basics including: stance, paddling technique, turning, and more. No previous paddling experience is necessary but you must be a comfortable recreational swimmer to take this course.

Whitewater Kayaking

PE 1681

Start Date - Thu Apr 19   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
This is an introduction to whitewater kayaking including classes to get you comfortable in a kayak in the pool and progressing to class II / III whitewater. Learn basic boat handling skills such as edging, bracing, rolling, and paddle strokes. Kayaking on the river will give you the opportunity to learn how to read the water and practice maneuvering across current with ferries, eddy turns, and peel outs. River destinations will be dependent on river levels. This class culminates in a weekend camping trip with two days of paddling.


Basic Rock Climbing

PE 1640

Many Sections   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Our Basic Rock Climbing course requires NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.  We will introduce you to rock climbing equipment, knots, rope handling, belaying, rappelling, safety, and various climbing techniques. Classes have at least a 1:4 instructor-to-student ratio, ensuring a high degree of individual attention. Graduates of the class will be certified to belay at the Lindseth Climbing Wall.

Women’s Basic Rock Climbing

PE 1642

Start Date - Sun Feb 25  (Drop Deadline1/24/18)
Join us to explore the adventure and excitement of rock climbing in a close and supportive community. Whether it is to develop grace and coordination, to reach a deeper sense of personal achievement, to learn technical skills, or to share in a challenging activity, rock climbing is a dynamic sport that is drawing ever-increasing numbers of women. This class is open to all women and is similar to Basic Rock Climbing in all other respects.
Intermediate  Rock Climbing
PE 1647
Start Date: Section 1 - Feb 6, Section 2 - Feb 7   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Intermediate Rock Climbing focuses on developing and refining your climbing technique. Our most accomplished staff will teach you about sequencing, dynamic movement, high angle footwork and composure, as well as training and mental conditioning. Classes are held on the Lindseth and Kay2 Climbing Walls.
Advanced Rock Climbing
PE 1650
Start Date - Mon Feb 5   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Rock climbing, rappelling, traversing a gorge on rope, tree climbing, a ride on a 400 foot long zipline - every session has a new adventure for you. Activities are designed to teach you rope work and safety in addition to teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. This multiple-element course goes to Ithaca’s most popular vertical playgrounds: the Lindseth Climbing Wall and the Hoffman Challenge Course.

High Adventure

PE 1643

Start Date - Fri Mar 23   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Rock climbing, rappelling, belaying, 40 foot high challenges, and a 400 foot long zipline.  Every session has a new adventure for you. Activities are designed to teach you rope work and safety in addition to teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. This multiple-element course goes to Ithaca's most popular vertical playgrounds: the Lindseth Climbing Wall and the Hoffman Challenge Course. Graduates will be belay tested at the climbing wall and challenge course.

Ice Climbing - Adirondacks

PE 1654

Start Date - Mon Feb 12    (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Join us as we climb snow covered peaks in the beautiful High Peaks of the Adirondacks.  Learn the skills needed to climb one of New York's 4000' peaks and camp in a winter wilderness.  You'll learn around gear selection and use, route considerations and staying safe in a winter environment.  This course will take place outside in very cold temperatues.

Ice Climbing - Fingerlakes

PE 1654

Start Date - Thu Jan 25   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Join us as we tiptoe up frozen waterfalls. Come learn the fundamentals of this incredibly unique form of climbing while enjoying two full days in the beauty of a Northeastern winter.

Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing

PE 1651

Start Dates: Section 1 - Mon Apr 16, Section 2 - Mon Apr 23    (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Learn basic rock climbing skills on real rock! We’ll spend a glorious weekend climbing, camping, and relaxing at Minnewaska State Park in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. We will cover climbing equipment and technique, knots, belaying, rappelling, and natural history. As always, an instructor- to-student ratio of 1:4 ensures lots of personal attention and climbing time. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Shawangunks Rock Climbing

PE 1653

Start Date - Mon Apr 30  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Enjoy world-class rock climbing at one of the premier areas in the US, the Shawangunks! After introductory classes at the Lindseth Climbing Wall, we will travel to the 'Gunks for a 3-day rock camp that will introduce the skills and systems to do multi-pitch climbs.
Wellness Rock Climbing Start Date - Tue Feb 6  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced rock climber, why not spend your lunch break on the climbing wall? If you have ever wanted to try rock climbing, Cornell is the place to begin! Our Wellness Rock Climbing course requires NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.




24 + Cross Country Skiing


Start Dates - Thu Feb 1  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
The "best of cross country skiing" for a more mature audience!  Join us for this version of Basic Cross Country designed for faculty, staff, and graduate students.  Not for PE credit.

Cross Country Skiing

PE 1690

Many Sections  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Thoroughly enjoy your winter in upstate NY with cross-country skiing. Learn the basics to effectively glide across snow-covered landscapes. Start out with getting comfortable on skis on flat land and progress to learning how to navigate hills and trails on cross-country skis. Explore Ithaca’s local forests and ski trails. This is a beginner friendly class and no previous skiing experience is required. Stay active this winter, meet new people, and experience the beauty of winter. Transportation, equipment, and instruction are all included.

Telemark Skiing

PE 1693 

Start Date - Tues Jan 30 (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
"Free the heel and your mind will follow."  A cross between downhill and cross country skiing, telemark involves a graceful free heel turn that can be a joy and a challenge to learn to perfect.  The course starts with learning the proper weight distribution of the telemark stance on beginner terrain and progresses to linking tele turns all the way down the mountain. A low instructor to student ratio ensures individual attention and progression.  The class is taught at Greek Peak and includes transportation to and from the slopes and includes telemark skiing equipment rental.



Redwoods Tree Climbing

PE 1659

Start Dates: Mon Apr 9 (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Join Cornell Tree Climbing Institute staff for the experience of a lifetime - climbing some of the largest trees on the planet! During senior week we will travel to the western slope of the High Seirra mountains of California.

Tree Climbing

PE 1657

Start Dates: Section 1 - Fri Apr 13, Section 2 - Sat Apr 14, Section 3 - Sun Apr 15    (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Everyone likes to climb trees, but what do you do if you can't reach the first branch?  Learn to use ropes and harnesses to climb big trees! All instruction, equipment, and transportation is included in the course fee.



Wilderness First Aid

PE 1625

  Start Dates: Section 1 - Sat Feb 3, Section 2 - Sat Mar 17, Section 3 - Sat Apr 7, Section 4 - Sun Apr 8, Section 5 - Sat May 27    (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Essential first and second aid with an empahsis on backcountry and wilderness issues.  Includes  WFA, Standard First Aid, and CPR certificate of course completion.

Wilderness First Responder

PE 1626

Start Date - Wed Apr 25   (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
This nationally recognized course provides the training and certification that is increasingly necessary for professional outdoor instructors or guides. The curriculum goes beyond the basics to emphasize the
skills and knowledge needed in remote situations when extended care is necessary. This 8-day course covers assessment, and treatment for a variety of medical problems commonly found in the backcountry,
ranging from minor injuries and illnesses to major trauma and life threatening sickness. Video analysis of simulations used to enhance learning.
WFR Recertification
PE 1627
Start Date - Fri April 20  (Drop Deadline 1/24/18)
Three year recertification for any 64 hour Wilderness First Responder certification. Topics include patient assessment, body systems, equipment improvisation, trauma, environmental medicine, toxins, backcountry medicine, wilderness protocols, and wilderness rescue.  Completion of pre-course study packet is required for all participants.